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Jonathan Shelder’s 2010 article on the effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapy synthesizes findings from a variety of previous studies and reports that this type of therapy is at least as effective as other forms of therapy that have been promoted as “evidenced based,” and that patients who receive psychodynamic psychotherapy maintain their therapeutic gains and appear to continue to make improvements even after the end of treatment. Shedler in American Psychologist
This is a wonderful and articulate summary of the ways psychodynamic psychotherapy can help people make lasting change and have more satisfying lives. Wendy Jacobson in Huffington Post
This is another nice summary of principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy with a brief review of effectiveness studies, published in the September, 2010 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter. Harvard Mental Health Letter
Jonathan Shedler’s “That Was Then, This Is Now: An Introduction to Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy” is an excellent overview of psychodynamic thought. Although it is longer than the others, it is extremely easy to read, with illuminating examples and vignettes. Shedler, That Was Then, This Is Now

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