I am a psychoanalyst with a private practice in Saint Paul. I provide psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to adults in the Twin Cities area. The information here is intended to help you decide if I might be the right therapist for you. It describes my therapeutic orientation, professional background, and the types of people and issues I see in my practice. Of course, you can also call me with any particular questions you have and I would be happy to talk with you. 

People seeking psychotherapy do so for many different reasons. Sometimes people feel stuck in their lives; despite their most diligent efforts, they can’t make the changes they want. Some find themselves repeating painful or self-defeating patterns even as they try hard to avoid making the mistakes of the past. Some find their work lives or relationships stagnant and unsatisfying. Some struggle with how they feel about themselves. Often, they seem reasonably successful on the outside, while on the inside they feel frustrated, trapped, or empty. And some experience symptoms they simply can’t ignore: sleeplessness, worry, anxiety, and depression.

I have worked with many people who struggle like this. Within the context of a safe and secure therapeutic relationship, I try to help people understand, both emotionally and intellectually, the deeper roots of their difficulties and re-engage their natural gifts for growth, development, and learning. With that, they can make better choices in the here and now and lead happier, more satisfying, and effective lives. If this approach to understanding your difficulties resonates with you, I encourage you to call or email me for an individual therapy consultation today. I look forward to working together with you.

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